Sunday, June 14, 2009

Family Reunion and Wedding! :D

Hewwo. :)'s been a while since we've posted in here, so...this is going to be a long one..with pictures! ^.^ The first pictures are of Easter with Brendon (Nicole's 2 year old), Ross (Nicole's 8 month old), and Robby (Nicole's 5 year old). Jacob Robinson and Nicole Ray were happily married on May 23rd, at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, the Taylor Street building in Fallon. Andrea, Meagan, Kymry, and many of Jake's family attended the wedding, and overall the wedding was fun and a success! But after the wedding was when the fun really began. No more stress, right? Haha. We went swimming with the kids (brave Liam was the only one who dared to enter the freezing cold water in the swimming pool with Papa and Tessa), went to the park, and watched tons of movies. Meanwhile, the adults were playing with Meagan and Brian, the keepers of awesome card and board games! ^.^ Unfortunately, only a couple weeks after all the sisters were gone, Nicole, Brendon, and Ross got in a car accident. A speeding car cut in front of Nicole's car, clipping the front of it and sending it off into a few railroad ties, breaking three of them. In her little Honda Civic, it's a miracle that the engine wasn't in her lap. Luckily, none of them were SERIOUSLY injured. Brendon bonked his head on the window, making his nose bleed and some blood splatter on little Ross. This led them to believe that baby man was hurt too, but alas, the little guy didn't have a scratch on him! Nicole got a bit of whiplash, and may be suffering from some nerve damage. She'll be visiting with a neurologist soon. As of now, Papa, Nana, and Tessa are looking after the Brendon and Ross, considering Nicole is in such bad shape, and Jake has to work all day. They still spend the night almost every Saturday and come to church with the kids and us on Sunday.
Coming up is Tessa's girls camp! June 16-18 she'll be going to Buck's Lake for some spiritual fun. ^.^ Pray for her safe journey and fun time. Other than all that, nothing exciting has happened. Not saying much, ay? :) I'll be making a slideshow with the wedding pictures to attach on here soon as well! Have a great Summer!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Beginnings Pageant

Last month, Tessa had her New Beginning for Young Women's. They did a very fantastic pageant. Tessa was Ms. Pious, and all her friends had funny parts as well. Samantha Price, Tessa's best friend, was Ms. I dunno. They had commercials in the middle, and I would love to post it on here, but unfortunately, I believe it is too many megabites.


The Williams' Family

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Nicole Update

As most of you know, very recently Nicole has contacted us. We now have four more members of our family: Jake (her 'fiancee'), Robby (her stepson), Brendan (her 2-year old son), and Ross (her 3-month old son). We have welcomed them happily back into our lives. Though Nicole isn't active in the church and still hasn't kicked some of her nasty habits, she is trying, and we will be there for her every step of the way.
To all of you who knew her, I hope you will support her as we are doing.

~The Williams'

Williams Family Reunion

In May, all the girls will finally be coming home (for a little while at least)! We are so excited. Meagan and her family, Drea and her family, Nicole and her family, and Kymry and Kaylin are all going to be coming here to visit with us. This will be the first time that all of us will have been together for 5 years. So again, we can't wait!

~The Williams'